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What’s included with this service?
  • Estimate is for trip charge plus hourly rate
  • Handyman can complete multiple services within the hours given
  • Projects requiring a license are not covered by this service
  • See examples of projects listed below
  • Handyman will supply tools only
What happens next?
You’ll get an email from your pro to confirm the date, time, and other details. Please be prepared to provide your pro the exact list of projects you would like them to complete and, wherever possible, related product URLs. During appointment scheduling, you will have the option to allow the provider to contact you to discuss the projects and tools needed in more detail.
What types of projects can I request?

Depending on the duration of the appointment, the handyman might be able to complete one big project or multiple smaller projects. Here are some examples of hourly handyman projects:

  • Repairing drywall (2-3 hours depending on size of damage)
  • Hanging shelving (2-3 hours depending on size and quantity)
  • Hanging doors (3-4 hours depending on type and condition of door)
  • Repairing woodwork (3-4 hours depending on damage)
  • Replacing window glass (3-4 hours depending on size and type of window)
  • Installing babyproofing or child safety products (2-3 hours)
  • Painting is not a service offered at this time
What if my project isn’t listed?

These examples are by no means exhaustive of all services that a handyman can complete during the appointment. For other projects, be sure to confirm with the provider before the appointment to be sure they have the right tools and expertise for the task. Also note that Amazon has hundreds of fixed-price services available at a flat rate:


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