Algorip Negative Review Removal Software (Per Platform)





Upon purchasing our monthly license, our proprietary, state of the art software immediately scrapes the web with any and all public and membership profiles and platforms you appear. Once we recognize the links that are below 5-star rating, we upload it to our secure communication application where you will approve each link in the location or area your organization will appear. Once you confirm the links, our AI software and algorithm will begin to individualize all the negative feedback, and start to begin the infiltration of profiles. Any Platforms that your organization does not appear in, Algorip will create it, review, and key-word optimize it to ensure 5 star rating, and transfer ownership of the accounts directly back to you.

Our sotware and unique algorithm will monitor your public, and membership profiles online around the clock with platforms such as Yelp, Better Business Bureau, Groupon, Amazon, Consumer Affairs, Google, Angie’s List, and many many more. Once alerted of any negative feedback, our software will be use geo IP technology which was developed in-house by our Algorip engineers that is able to remove any negative reviews or feedback in real-time.

Negatives feedback removal timing is dependant on length of existence in the actual platform, strength of actual reviewer or content profile, platform it’s published, as well as any replies or flaggings buyer has initiated on actual feedback. Each negative review, feedback, or article to be extracted, is estimated to take an hour to two hours a day until we locate the source of IP.

For profiles less than 2 stars, software will change the account name, and begin suppression of the platform to the second page of the search engine using derating technology, with unrevealing key-words for any search engines. Once old profile is on second page of search engine, software will create a new profile company name, with the same brand, and system will begin to review it with 5 stars reviews.

***Please note: Due to the nature of the work of removing negative feedback, there might be some irregularities in actual platforms, which is completely normal, and is a sign that progress has been made.

Our Customer Success Team will provide you 24/7 updates, and estimates as progress has been made daily.

**Estimated ROI: 2-7 Weeks
License length: One month


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