Royal Care Cosmetics Pro 6 Color Contour and Blush Palette

$10.99 $9.99

Contour and Blush Palette of 6 matte shades to create ideal cheekbones. Contour, highlight, shade, bronze and blush!


Pro 6 Color Contour and Blush Palette. Ideal for make-up artists and anyone who wants to experiment with different colors without spending a fortune on separate powders

If you like to experiment with finishes, you don’t have to spend a lot of money buying different powders. With our Contour and Blush Palette, you can easily mix and blend creating different makeup looks.

About the product
  • Pro 6 Color Contour and Blush Palette
  • Selection of soft, silky powders
  • Smart black plastic palette
  • Powder usage: face, contouring and blush
  • Colors: white, beige, pale pink, rose pink, hot pink and brown

A durable packaged case make this Contour and Blush Palette very convenient to use and travel with.

To achieve better results, use our brush sets.

Features & Benefits:

Highly Pigmented Colors


Long Lasting

Clinically Tested


Allergy Tested


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